Phoenix Zoo - Phoenix, AZ

Cooper + Gina

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Gina is a big big animal lover! So there wasn’t any better place to have their big wedding day than the Phoenix Zoo, in Phoenix, AZ.  Gina was surrounded by what she loves the most besides Cooper…animals. Cooper has 12 other siblings. So this was also quite the big wedding party. And after the ceremony, we even had a zebra photobomb us – they wanted that shot – even if the zebra was showing off his backside.


Gina and Cooper are such a sweet sweet couple! They actually both live in Los Angeles, California. However, their families are in Arizona.

I honestly had no idea that the Phoenix Zoo even did weddings! So it was a first time for us to photograph a wedding there. And when I walked in and saw the Carousel was right next to the Lakeside ceremony and Neely Center reception area that we were at – I was on it. I was going up to the workers asking who I needed to talk to to make the carousel lights stay on for after ceremony photos, since the zoo would be closed. I had workers radioing rangers and I also put the event coordinator of the zoo who was working with us on it too. She was the one in the end that assured me those lights would be on after the ceremony. And it was perfect! I was dying to get Gina and Cooper on the carousel after their ceremony, and when I told them about it – they wanted it too. So we did just that.

It was such a blast with this couple. I even loved that after the first dance was had, there was a beautiful moon in the sky and Gina and Cooper were willing to let me steal them away for just a few shots under the moon with the carousel behind them.

At the end of the night, hitting it up on the dance floor and getting some dance photos is one of my favorite things to do during the reception. I’m not really dancing, but I can’t help if my feet and camera get to moving with the music. It makes for better reception photos if I am in with the fun. Here are some more fun photos from our night partying like animals!

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