Planning Your Wedding Timeline with your Photographer

Planning Your Wedding Timeline

Ahhh….the joys of planning a wedding. And the wonderful dreaded timeline…it can be scary right? Planning your wedding timeline, especially when you are trying to plan around photography too can be somewhat overwhelming.


But you know what? That’s what is so wonderful about having a professional wedding photographer by your side. The good news is that a professional photographer in the wedding industry has done this many times.

Here are 3 reasons to work with your photographer in planning your wedding timeline

1. Make your Day Run More Smoothly

The first thing that a couple receives from me, as their photographer, is a wedding guide. In that guide is my most used resource. It’s a couple of pages that helps you think about and plan your wedding timeline. In fact, most couples that I work with go off of that and then send me their first draft and we go over it and make sure nothing is missing or there aren’t things they have forgotten, or maybe I can even help suggest how to keep things running much more smooth. Creating the perfect timeline and working with your photographer can help make sure you have allowed the time to get all the wedding photos that you really want on that special day without rushing you or the photographer.

2. Let your Photographer help you with solutions

Your wedding photographer has been to more weddings than probably anyone in your family can count on their fingers. They have seen it all. They have had different scenarios for each wedding couple they have worked with. So your photographer may be able to help you with solutions that maybe you haven’t thought of when it comes to some of the nagging problems that you are trying to work around or are unsure of how to solve.

3. Use your Resources

Not all weddings have wedding coordinators or wedding planners. So if you don’t have a wedding planner, your photographer is your biggest resource in helping you coordinate a wedding timeline that is efficient and allows for the proper amount of time for the aspects that are most important to you on your wedding day. Most couples are wedding virgins. So many wedding couples haven’t planned a wedding before. Your photographer has most likely seen both well put together timelines and mis-managed timelines. Use their experience to your advantage.

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