Private Home - Scottsdale, AZ

Keegan Family

So, this awesome family decided to gather and celebrate Thanksgiving in the desert, right here in Scottsdale. None of them were local, but they snagged a massive Airbnb for the occasion. Perfect setup, right? Anyway, they thought it’d be a fantastic idea to hire a photographer to capture the whole thing. Lucky for them, that photographer was yours truly.


I rolled in on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, all set to capture the memories. It was a blast meeting everyone. Before diving into the photo session, I did a little scouting around the Airbnb. Picture this: the side of the house was adorned with pine trees, creating the picturesque backdrop. And, of course, there was one cactus behind the house that became the star of the show at the end of our time together. You know how it is – everyone wants their photo with a cactus when they visit Arizona. Classic Arizona move, right?


Those little cousins were a riot when I arrived, having the time of their lives. They were seriously the cutest bunch. Oh, and let’s talk about the colors they chose for the shoot – spot on! The whole palette just worked so well together. Good times, good vibes, and fantastic photos. That’s the kind of Thanksgiving story you wanna remember, right?


So, this rad family went for my multi-family package, and let me tell you, it’s the ultimate pick for sessions like these. Why, you ask? Well, buckle up. With this package, we’re not just snapping a big group photo – oh no, we’re diving deep into all those specific breakdowns you’d want in a portrait session.


Think about it: cousins getting their moment, the core siblings striking a pose, and those heartwarming shots of grandparents with the grandkids. It’s the whole shebang. But here’s the kicker – with this option, we’re not stopping there. Nope, each individual family gets their own spotlight too, just like those shots by the cactus. So, it’s like hitting multiple birds with one stone, capturing all the unique dynamics within the big family picture. How cool is that?


Oh, it was such a joyous time with this family. At the end of our session, there they were, everyone gathered, popping open champagne bottles while I was putting the finishing touches on individual family photos. Naturally, I couldn’t resist capturing a shot of all the girls together, toasting with their champagne.


The vibe was pure happiness, you know? You could feel the anticipation of sharing Thanksgiving together, and the fact that they were soaking up the holiday vibes while vacationing in Scottsdale just added that extra layer of warmth to the whole scene. Good times and great memories, all wrapped up in one fantastic session. Cheers to that! 🥂


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