Rainbow in the Sky

photo of maternity couple with rainbow in the sky at Lake Pleasant near Phoenix in Arizona
A rainbow popped out in the sky at this maternity session at Lake Pleasant, Arizona.

The rainbow was significant and it’s not in a way you may think with doing a maternity session. There was no rain in sight. The sky was beautiful, the sun was out. And I had just told this couple about a double rainbow the night before at this very same location when we got stuck in a storm.


Well, we were down by the water and all of a sudden another rainbow popped out in the sky. It was light, but it was there. Again, no rain in sight.

It was almost as if someone was hearing us in our conversation about the double rainbow and decided to put another one in the sky.

After the session, the husband told us that it was significant. His childhood best friend died not long ago of cancer. He spent many days at Lake Pleasant (where we were capturing these very photos). After his childhood best friend died, they would see rainbows everywhere and it was just significant to that. They are naming this baby, Kyle, after his childhood best friend. Somehow, Kyle let him know he was there that day looking down on them with this rainbow.


I teared up after hearing this of course. This is why I do what I do. It’s just so special and everyone has a story that is unique and I captured their story that day. Their little boy will grow up, learn about dad’s childhood best friend, talk about the rainbow, and see that these photos were taken at the very place that was also significant to them. This is truly amazing.

Sometimes during my photo sessions, its like something amazing and divine happens such as this. I've seen it many times and it really makes me appreciate what I do.