Rocker 7 Farm - Buckeye, AZ


Oh, photographing seniors is an absolute joy for me. Mom caught me early and booked her daughter’s senior session early! So we were able to get the location she wanted. Rylee, her daughter, loves sunflowers. So that’s where our journey started at Rocker 7 Farm in Buckeye, AZ. And let me share with you a delightful story of my session with Rylee that perfectly encapsulates why I adore these longer sessions.


You see, capturing senior portraits isn’t just about taking photos; it’s about creating a connection and letting their personalities shine through. I firmly believe that the more relaxed and comfortable we are during the session, the more genuine and stunning the portraits become.


So, Rylee and I embarked on this memorable photo journey together. We had scheduled a longer session, and it was so much fun. We started with the intention of getting those beautiful senior portraits, but we quickly found ourselves immersed in conversation, discovering more about each other’s lives.


As the shutter clicked away, we chatted about life, dreams, and, yes, even favorite foods. It turned out Rylee’s favorite dish was pasta, and that revelation added a deliciously personal touch to the session. It’s moments like these that make my work as a photographer so special – capturing not just faces but the essence of the person behind them.


Rylee, being a dancer, was full of energy and passion. Towards the end of our time together, she excitedly donned her dance uniform, and we decided to infuse a bit of her artistry into the photos. She leaped into the air, gracefully defying gravity, and I snapped away, capturing the beauty of her passion.


The longer session allowed us to explore her personality and interests, resulting in a portfolio of photos that truly represented Rylee. It wasn’t just a photoshoot; it was a journey of self-discovery, connection, and creativity, and it left both of us with unforgettable memories.


This experience with Rylee reaffirmed why I encourage these longer sessions with seniors. It’s not only about creating stunning images but also about building a bond, discovering shared interests, and crafting a story through the art of photography. It’s moments like these that make my heart swell with love for what I do, and I can’t wait for the next senior adventure. 📷💫

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