Rustique Acres - Buckeye, AZ

Troy + Bailey

Wedding Photos at Rustique Acres Venue in Buckeye, AZ

I had never heard of Rustique Acres in Buckeye, AZ when I was booked for Troy and Bailey’s wedding day. However, from the time I spent with them at their engagement session, I knew they really wanted the rustic feel to their wedding. And this wedding venue was perfect and a little slice of paradise. Rustique Acres felt like we were in the middle of nowhere (which we kind of were). I was in absolute heaven. I love places like this where you just enjoy seeing land in our beautiful state of Arizona.


Rustique Acres had lots of land and we were just having a wedding smack dab in the middle of the rural pastures. In the lay of the land, they had these concrete buildings that were the bride and groom suites. I was surprised at how much space there was in them and the light was actually great for photos.

This place was well out in the country of Buckeye, near Palo Verde. It’s about an hour from Phoenix, AZ.  Rustique Acres offered amazing views of Arizona’s Agriculture as a backdrop in the rural. I definitely felt like we were in the wild wild west. The guys with their cowboy hats, made it feel like it feel like we were set in a movie scene.

What I love about weddings though is the magic. This couple had it. Bailey has always wanted a military man and Troy was one. I can see why, because he was a gentleman. He had respect for her and others. In fact, in just a short time after this wedding, the wedding couple was going to be packing up and going to live in Alaska. So from Arizona heat to Alaska cold, I’m glad they at least have each other and as cheesy as it sounds, their love will be just the warmth they need.


This couple was truly a pleasure. They trusted me completely. I pulled them away for 5 minutes from their guests just to grab a dance with the sunset, which was epic with the agriculture surrounding us. They were all for it. Sometimes that’s part of reading your couples. It’s their day and if I feel they are more than willing for me to steal them away for an epic photo, I’ll ask. As an artist, I always want to steal couples away at sunset, but there is a part of being a photographer where you really gotta read the couple. Furthermore, it comes down to timing and what is going on with the guests and in this instance it worked. I’m so truly thankful for couples like this.

Last of the night, we planned a sparkler exit. It’s a great way to make that magic appear more in your wedding photos. Not everyone does it, and I will say sometimes it’s scary going under sparklers with my equipment just to get the photos we want. But I will say, it’s worth it and what I have insurance for. See for yourself.

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