Sahuaro Ranch Historic Park

It’s not very often I get to photograph maternity sessions at Sahuaro Ranch Historic Park in Glendale, AZ but I loved that we did it! It was so different from my normal desert, which seems to be what a lot of maternity clients want. It made for more unique photos for sure. And I’m always up for something different.


Using the golden hour light combined with the glow coming from the stunning mom-to-be was beautiful with her white dress. I loved when I put her on the white porch with that white maternity dress.


This location is one of the valley’s oldest and greatest ranches with 17 acres full of ranches, barns, and orchards.  It boasts of red brick old style ranch homes. It’s actually a cool looking area that makes you feel like you are on a farm. You may stroll around seeing peacocks, roosters, and chickens. There is also a rose garden that blooms during some of the year with a nice wooden bridge. However, instead of using the “farm like look,” we actually used a lot more of their rose garden and green this time instead of the barns or brick.


This location is a great photography location giving us a lot of different looks and options to choose from, however, it is quite busy on the weekends. And usually you can find a wedding going on limiting us to certain areas on the weekends as well. So I definitely suggest it more during the week. The ranch does rent out the space for weddings right in the rose garden, which is beautiful.

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