Sahuaro Ranch Park - Glendale, AZ


Well, it ended up being a cloudy overcast day in January at Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale, AZ. However, Ava was all smiles and willing to roll with it. I must say, I do love how the skies and clouds showed up in her senior photos though.


Sahuaro Ranch is full of peacocks, chickens, roosters, and birds. And they showed up in Ava’s senior portraits that day. Truly we got quite a bit with the birds. I just loved that because it doesn’t always happen there, but it was because there was something about Ava that didn’t scare them away.


Every teen is different and this one didn’t seem like it too much time for her to warm up, as she was talking to me from the beginning and we definitely got quite a bit of personality photos from her, which are usually my favorites. They are usually the parent’s favorite photos too.


Then we got the ones that definitely made her seem a little older and you know what….it was significant here because Ava just turned 18 the week of our photo session. Adulthood. Wow! I think this is the reality of these photos. Senior photos are special because yes, it is celebrating that final year of high school. However, for parents these may be the last ones on your walls until their wedding day. It’s so bitter sweet and I know that from experience.

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