Sahuaro Ranch Park – Glendale, AZ

When I showed up at Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale, AZ, this amazing girl was telling me all she had to photograph with, including her work uniform. She said she read all up on my website about me and all about the Senior Portrait Experience and making it personal to her. And yes, we did just that.


In fact, in sharing these photos I had someone say to me, “These were so good! I felt like I knew the girl and her personality and I didn’t.” That’s the greatest feedback and what I strive for! So let me tell ya a little about this gorgeous girl.


She was actually here visiting her Aunt. She is actually from Washington. Her aunt’s family lives here in Arizona part time and they share their time in Washington as well. They were introduced to Memories by Candace as Kylee took their family photos at the end of last year. So I was thrilled to see them come back for senior photos with Memories by Candace.


I learned she used to play volleyball and tennis, but really isn’t into any sports heavily. In fact, she seemed like she was really doing some searching in her life at this time right now. She hasn’t landed on college, although she believes she wants to go, but she doesn’t want to get homesick and go far. And that’s okay! I don’t think there needs to be pressure to have it all figured out at this point in these kids lives right now.


I sometimes feel like we pressure these kids to go to college so early. And I’m raising my hand because I did it with my oldest child as well. You live and you learn right?


When I was 18, I definitely did that. I went straight to college because it’s what you were “supposed to do”. But you know what…I certainly didn’t know what I wanted to do then. And no, I didn’t end up with a college degree doing what I am doing now. Today, I honestly think we should start encouraging kids to try different jobs and travel so that when they go and spend thousands of dollars, they know what their passion is and how they want to grow it and if college is even needed for their life. Okay enough rambling on my thoughts on that. This post isn’t about my opinion.


This is all about this BEAUTIFUL SWEET GIRL! And yes, she was so sweet! So back to the beginning, when she said she read up on me and my website and all the helps and tips for my senior portraits. THIS IS WHAT MADE THE PHOTOSHOOT. She completely trusted me to do my thang! FOR REAL, she seriously trusted me in all of it and we got some great photos!

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