Sahuaro Ranch Park - Glendale, AZ

Nick + Isabelle

Isabelle reached out and booked an Anniversary photo session with me and I was so thrilled. This was just a short and sweet essential session. In the short time we had together at Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale, AZ, we had a lot of fun together.


Isabelle and Nick have been married for 3 years as of April of 2023. They didn’t even have professional photos of them ever! Not even for their wedding. So they wanted to use this photo session as an Anniversary gift to themselves to have something special to look back on and remember. They even plan to have a vow renewal ceremony and these will be used for those later on in the future.


Isabelle knew what she wanted for her photos and we made that vision come true. She really wanted to focus more on candid photos of them together. She wanted the southern vibes, down-home country and wholesome look with their photos together. So the best place to go was definitely to the ranch at Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale.


I knew that I was going to really enjoy photographing this couple when she said she didn’t want boring photos.  She said, “I want to shake things up!” She expressed to me that she wanted the photos to be genuine and authentic. She really expressed wanting candids together most. That really helped me know what she was seeking in that she really wanted to focus on moments of them, not what grandparents may print and hang on the wall. So you will see from this session, we only did a few of this couple looking at the actual camera. The rest of the time, I was prompting them to be in the moment together.


Nick is from Arizona. Isabelle is from Canada, but moved here to be with him. They were so precious and stunning together. My favorite part about meeting this couple was the end, because Nick said, “This was so much fun.” He actually loves the camera and used to go out with his guy friends and take photos of each other. They reminisced with me of some of the photos of when Nick even had long hair. I always get so thrilled when a couple sees this as such a fun experience. That’s what I strive for. And this session was only an essential couples session. What a lovely date!

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