Sahuaro Ranch Park - Glendale, AZ

Kyle + Jenna

I got out of the car at Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale, AZ, and we got to our first spot to photograph and these two were instant fire. And there was an instant connection…with me! Seriously, this engagement session couldn’t have gone any better.


It was another photography session where the couple trusted me completely. The first thing we did together was roll around in the grass together. And capturing the moments of them just doing that was absolute divine. I knew right from the start, this couple was my couple.


Apparently Jenna knew that I was her photographer as well. She said she reached out to another photographer before me and the communication wasn’t quite there and she didn’t feel good about her. But then she found me. She said she didn’t even have to meet up with me, she just knew that from even communication that I was the one. I think I remember she said, “I fit her vibe and everything she was looking for.”


Jenna and Kyle booked a wedding with me, and when booking a wedding, this is how I choose to meet up. We have an engagement session rather than just meet up in a coffee shop or have a phone call. It helps us know if we do vibe together and are a good fit for each other for their wedding. And it makes such a difference for sure when I do show up on the wedding day and we are like already besties. That’s what this couple made it feel like that day with me anyway. As we all three hung out together we had a blast! We photographed all the way up until I couldn’t photograph anymore. The sunset was gone and I didn’t want to put my camera down. It makes me even more excited to share in capturing their wedding day for them.


I couldn’t believe that Jenna and Kyle had never done this before. They said they had never done a photoshoot before. You wouldn’t believe it from the photos for sure. They were magic. And when leaving, Jenna wanted to give me a hug and it was like we just became best friends. It was instant connection. That’s what I love during our time together.

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