Sahuaro Ranch Park - Glendale, AZ

Chris + Kelsey

This maternity photo session at Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale, AZ, was an absolute treasure trove of sweetness. When I first connected with this lovely couple amidst the backdrop of the park‘s lush greenery and historic-looking buildings, the dad-to-be shared his overflowing happiness with me, and you could practically see it radiating from his face. He opened up about how he never expected to find himself in a marriage, a sentiment that hit close to home for me, just like my own husband thought before he met me. Isn’t it incredible how sometimes the love of your life waltzes in when you least anticipate it?


But what makes this session even sweeter is their celebration of welcoming new life into the world, and here’s the kicker—dad-to-be is a sprightly 47! Throughout our time together, there were countless moments when tears of joy streamed down his face. It was the epitome of sweetness, an unmistakable reflection of his sheer happiness about becoming a parent.


I couldn’t be happier to have captured these incredibly special moments for this wonderful couple. And oh, the anticipation to meet their precious little one for newborn photos is simply bubbling over! 📸👶💕

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