Salt River - Tonto National Forest, AZ

Here’s to all the adventure seekers! Isn’t this just a breathtaking location? Here goes, you know I am always honest and I tell you straight up front. This mama to be, wanted photos at the Salt River in the Tonto National Forest, AZ. This location was not easy. It was crowded with swimmers on the weekend. It was very rough terrain, especially for a pregnant lady to walk on rocks. It was hot, bugs were everywhere.


It was definitely one of those sessions that I wasn’t prepared for the first time I went. I wasn’t prepared in the shoes I was wearing, nor did mom-to-be wear the best shoes for this too. The Tonto Forest National area near the Salt River in AZ has a lot of cobblestone type rocks, so if you are wearing flip flops, it’s very unenjoyable to trek around in. I know that for future clients now. It was also one of those sessions that you are putting a lot of work and sweat into. Trust me, the clients were definitely sweating too this time of year.


But after it’s all said it done, I had to remind even myself and them – this will be worth it for these maternity photos.


And boy was I right. It was worth it. When I got these photos home and put on the computer, I was ecstatic at what we had captured. Not to mention the beautiful landscape as well! Props to the mom and dad-to-be for bearing through it all. And as for baby girl’s name…Oh my gosh, I am in love. If I knew I was going to grow up a photographer, I would have loved this name for my own child. Lumen means light. She will definitely be the light of their life.

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