Scorpion Gulch - Phoenix, AZ

Whipple Family

Scorpion Gulch is a great and unique location for family photos in the South Mountain part of Phoenix, AZ. It is a location with old looking abandoned buildings that definitely adds character and an interesting backdrop. If you know me, I do love character.


There are so many beauty spots in South Mountain that I haven’t even explored and would love to photograph. South Mountain Park and Preserve is one of the largest parks in the country at over 16,000 acres. Scorpion Gulch, just a small part of the area, works for morning and evening sessions. It tends to be a crowded spot on the weekends at times, so I do definitely suggest it during the week if a family can make that happen. Otherwise, we tend to be dodging photographers and others during busy season for sure.


I sure loved getting to spend time and photograph this family. We got quite a bit of the golden look before sunset. We made sure to get them photographed as a family, focused on little River, which they wanted to make sure we captured for his 4 year birthday, and even got breakdowns of River with dad and River with Mom. This is what we can usually get during the shorter essential session that I photograph.


This is a unique location and I definitely suggest it, especially if you are bringing visitors to Arizona. Scorpion Gulch in Phoenix, AZ is a beautiful place to show them.

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