Secret Garden by Wedgewood – Phoenix, AZ

Secret Garden by Wedgewood - Phoenix, AZ

Steven + Ariel

I love photographing at the Secret Garden by Wedgewood Weddings in south Phoenix, AZ. The flow of this wedding venue is just perfect for wedding photographers honestly. It’s really easy to get around and also keeping the bride and groom separate when they aren’t seeing each other before the walk down the aisle.


This historic mansion was built in 1929. Expense was no object as the owners curated the best of 1920 period features and employed expert architects to create a mansion in the popular Spanish Colonial Revival style. The best part and center of the ceremony where the bride walks down the aisle is the staircase.


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After bonding over photos of Phoenix Comicon on Instagram, Steven and Ariel met in the summer of 2016. Friendship bloomed, and eventually the two became romantically involved in 2017. With five years of love, companionship, and fun under their belt, Steven proposed on March 28th, 2021 after a night of sushi with some friends.


Steven and Ariel have a hint of mystery to them. They are bit quiet with others. I met them in January of 2023 for their engagement photos. Our session was at Papago Park and I did get them to open up to me some. Ariel is a teacher and she absolutely loves her job. They share interest such as trying out new restaurants together, adventures in new cities, playing Pokemon Go, and shopping. As an outsider looking in, I know they must truly find comfort with each other when they are alone.

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