Lake Pleasant, Arizona


I truly love when a photoshoot becomes an adventure. That’s just what our time together was with this senior at Lake Pleasant in Arizona.


We get a few different looks, different outfits, we dance, we talk, we dream about the future. Sometimes we even listen to music! This is why I do love taking more than just 30 minutes for a photoshoot. And at the end, we hug. We have just spent a full hour or more getting to know each other. We have made a memory, an experience. And this is when I truly feel magic behind the camera.


Caitrin has had her own vision since she was in 8th grade of her senior photos. She really wanted to get into the water with her blue dress. That was her vision. There’s no better place to do that then Lake Pleasant. It all turned out gorgeous and exactly what she had hoped for and more. We got a few different outfits and looks during our time together with her cap and gown and dog, too. With the right time together, we can achieve so many different looks. She was so fun and I love when seniors have input for their photos and have a fun experience in their session with me.

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