Skyline Regional Park - Buckeye, AZ

Troub Family

Every year, I photograph at sunflower fields and cotton fields. And I’ve gotten to know the staff at one of the farms in Buckeye. This year, I was so uber excited about photographing this family as they had seen my work from the fields on the farm. So when mom (one of the staff members that I got to know) asked me to photograph her large family at Skyline Regional Park in Buckeye, AZ, I was thrilled to do so.


When I pulled up to this location, I had never actually photographed there before and I was pleasantly surprised at the desert beauty with the bridge that we most definitely wanted to use. I loved that little rust color in the desert. The park boasts of that desert Arizona background there for sure with cactus. I realized I am going to have to use this location more and maybe even come back to hike there, as there were plenty of hikers and campers when we arrived.


What a week to photograph! Mom was hoping to have all her kids in town for the Christmas season and holiday, but one actually didn’t make it. And then there were flight delays for her son on our original date that was scheduled. On top of that this week, we didn’t have very many sunny skies and a lot of gloom and rain. So after a reschedule to give a little more time for her son to get to Arizona, we finally made it happen. And I was so pleased at the look we got with a cloudy day. I mean look at those skies. It was beautiful! And even when we captured couple photos and individual photos, we got some really great golden sun. See for yourself below.

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