Sonoran Desert - Phoenix, AZ

Joey + Natalia

Natalia hit me up right after sealing the deal with her engagement ring, in a bit of a pinch, needing some last-minute photos pronto. Can you believe it was on Super Bowl Sunday? I had a spot open up because another client’s spouse got into some trouble for booking on that day. So, I threw out a spontaneous “Meet me in the Sonoran Desert!” suggestion since I already had another session lined up there. Talk about seizing the moment!


But let me tell you about this dynamic duo – they brought the party and the romance to our shoot. I was over the moon about it. We ended up with a ridiculous number of engagement shots, too many to even narrow down for posting here. Choosing which ones to share was a struggle, but hey, I’m not complaining!


Turns out, these lovebirds crossed paths back in their college days in California. Funny thing is, they knew of each other throughout, but it took until their senior year to finally strike up a conversation. Better late than never, right? Once they did start talking, there was no separating them. Both creative souls, with Joey into writing and Natalia rocking the paintbrush – it’s like they were meant to be. Three years strong, and Joey swept her off her feet with a proposal on the beach, taking them back to where it all began. Talk about a swoon-worthy love story!

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