St. Thomas More Catholic Church - Phoenix, AZ

Nick + Jealynn

bride and groom under the veil

When I found out we were going to be photographing this couple’s wedding day, I got so stoked! When I looked up of where I was going to be photographing at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, I was even more stoked!I actually had two Catholic Church weddings to photograph in the month and it’s always so beautiful inside a Catholic church. It’s one of my favorite type of ceremonies to photograph I think.


You see, I was originally supposed to be photographing their Save the Date photos. However, during the days of COVID, my husband tested positive right before we were supposed to jump on a cruise ship for vacation. It was the last day I had sessions before taking off. I was bummed about missing vacation, but I was also bummed about having to send Joceline to do their Save the Date photos and missing out on meeting these two, also.


When they reached out regarding their wedding, I was so excited because let me tell you, this bride is FULL of personality and I knew we would have fun capturing their day. We did!


Both Nick and Jealynn are teachers. They were actually referred to me by one of Jealynn’s students. So thank you Corrine! I even have teenagers referring me out. I love that!


Nick and Jealynn were actually married during 2020, the year the world shut down. However, we know that wasn’t the time to have a wedding. So they celebrated with their family and friends in style on December 17, 2022. I’m so glad we were there to photograph!

This catholic wedding was beautiful. But my favorite photos that I captured were during communion. While everyone was taking communion, I captured the bride and groom playing paper, rock, scissors. Everyone should have a person they can play paper, rock, scissors during church. Ha ha!

A wonderful end of the night though was something that was a first for me. It was at the reception and Jealynn comes from a Vietnamese background. So there was lion dancing. So fun! I had a lot of fun capturing the crowd with the lion dancers. It couldn’t have been a more perfect wedding day.

Below are some more special moments of their day. The bride also gave me some creative freedom, so I played with some black and white film looks on the style for some of the wedding photos as well.

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