Superstition Mountains - AZ

Marshall + Peyton

Friends, you won’t believe the Superstition Mountains gig I had! Whenever couples  ring me up for a photoshoot there, I’m over the moon! But here’s the catch – the Superstition Mountains, near Lost Dutchman State Park, and I have a sunset date. It’s like they’re showing off their best angles as the day winds down. I can’t just photograph there at any time of the day. It has to be my last time spot.


Now, let me tell you about Marshall and Peyton – an absolute joy to work with! Marshall’s a local boy turned South Dakota engineer, and Peyton’s following him into the chilly adventure post-wedding. Talk about a love story with a touch of frost! It was so cute how at times when she was happy with him, she would smile and wrinkle her nose. It was absolutely adorable and my favorite to capture, and while we were together I commented on how I loved it, and she said, “That’s his favorite part about me, too.” You wouldn’t believe that Peyton filled out the questionnaire I send out saying she was awkward in front of the camera and was seeking natural photos. I think we got plenty and she was a natural herself. That’s what these sessions are all about, kind of just being natural with one another like you are on a normal date together, with me and my camera beside you.


And can we talk accessories? Peyton rocked this shoot with a hat and shawl combo, courtesy of her future mother-in-law. It was like the golden sun gave them a standing ovation in those mountain fields. With the South Dakota wedding plans, this shoot felt like the perfect Phoenix farewell. Here’s to capturing love and sending it off in style!

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