Surprise Civic Center + White Tank Mountains

Mark + Kathye

We took advantage of two locations for these photos at Surprise Civic Center + White Tank Mountains, AZ. I’ve always wanted a motorcycle in my photos! And yay – it finally happened! I was super excited when Kathye reached out to me.


Kathye and Mark met years ago through a mutual friend. Kathye went with her friend to ride with a motorcycle group and that’s how she met Mark. They both now have their own motorcycles and the rest is history. What attracted her to Mark, besides his handsome looks, was his adventurous spirit. And they go and ride everywhere!


It was a windy day – in fact, we were contemplating if we were going to be able to photograph. You know how monsoon weather goes sometimes in Arizona. But I am so glad we ended up photographing and we got two different locations for this couple’s photos during our time together. I loved the Surprise Civic Center clock tower. I’m definitely going to have to use this for engagement photos and more couples from now on. And of course, everyone loves the White Tank Mountains.

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