Tempe Town Lake


Let me tell you about Caden and our time together at Tempe Town Lake. He’s SUPER smart and super humble and I think he loves his mama a LOT.


At first when I walked up to our meeting spot at the Tempe Lake Bridge, mom told me he was totally doing this for her and he didn’t really care anything about having senior photos done. I gasped, “Caden!” And that got his smile immediately and from that moment on, he worked with me and well, it was more like modeled for me. He was an absolute gem and didn’t complain once. We got some real genuine smiles, as that happened often in our time together – him smiling.


By the end of it, I learned he likes basketball, but doesn’t play in school or anything. He has 3 more younger siblings. He is not only graduating high school, but he is also graduating Rio Salado Community College at the same time and he has a full ride to university as he is on his way to be an engineer. YEP, super smart. He didn’t tell me all that last part. In fact, I didn’t learn about the full ride and engineer stuff until the end with mom. It’s our jobs as mom’s to tell all the big things we are super proud of with our kids and their accomplishments – especially when they are humble.


This is why I love this senior season. Senior photos are about getting the portraits and getting the personality. I had so much fun! I learned so much about this amazing kid. And guess what? There are quite a few of them out there here in Arizona. We got some great photos too!

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