timeless vs moments with photography

Timeless vs Moments

If you have done any reading across my website or maybe about how the photo experience goes with Memories by Candace, you may have come across on what I strive to capture of you during your session. So what is the difference between timeless vs. moments when it comes to portraits?


There are two different types of photos and looks that I strive to get with each session depending on the length of the session that we have together.


Think of timeless as traditional. Those are the traditional posed photos of you looking at the camera. Those are the photos that your parents may want of you as a couple, your kids, or your family on the wall where you are looking at the camera and smiling.


Moments are candid photos. But does that mean you come up with what to do on your own? No – part of my job as a photographer is to create these moments and this connection. The connection with each other is already easy, because you are either marrying your best friend or you are already a family with one another. So a lot of it is me directing you to create these moments. So yes, I am prompting you with things to do to get the genuine smiles and moments that you will personally want to hang on your wall as a piece to look back on.

These are the pieces I find that make you smile either at the genuine laughs of your partner whispering whatever he was saying in your ear that no one knows about or looking back and seeing how young and happy your kids were.


These are actually the types of photos that I see dads and men start to have a little fun during our time together. And for little ones, letting them play and move around a lot, we are sure to get some genuine smiles the most.

My Job and What We Strive For

With Memories by Candace, I strive to capture those timeless portraits that you will put on the wall or hand out to family, and at the same time create long lasting moments that you don’t want to take down from your wall and that you will keep as memories.


As a photographer, being a “picture taker” is only part of the job but it’s a lot more than that. It’s documenting your story and letting you see yourself and your beauty in front my lens, and creating moments for you to see yourself as well.

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