Vulture City - Wickenburg, AZ


She was visiting from Dallas, Texas. She was stunning. She was shy. She was timid, but we got her to come out of her shell for her senior photos. She warmed up to me. And we made magic happen at Vulture City in Wickenburg, AZ.


During senior sessions, I start posing them. Of course, I’m talking to them and getting them to warm up to me, but it’s funny, you always know when a senior starts to come out of their shell when they start putting their own spin on how I want them to stand and they start to shine with making the posing their own. It’s actually amazing to watch. I even made the comment, “There she is. Now you are coming out of your shell.” She was fire!


I asked about her hobbies, and yes, she was a true cowgirl. She does breakaway roping. In fact, she has won many awards at rodeos. She is amazing that’s for sure. Her favorite singer is George Strait.


So when they were visiting Arizona, they wanted to take some senior photos. So we did just that and we showed up at Vulture City in Wickenburg, Arizona to do senior portraits. If you don’t know what Vulture City is, it is home to an abandoned Ghost Town nestled in the desert. It was a great senior portrait photography location, as it had plenty of cool looking buildings and spaces to walk around and just get a lot of different looks. We did have to stop on the side of the road on our way out because the views were just gorgeous, too.

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