West Valley Desert, AZ


Oh my goodness, fam, you won’t believe the incredible twist of fate that happened during Joceline’s photoshoot with this lovely senior, Eden in the West Valley Desert, AZ!


So, picture this: Joceline was up in the mountains, capturing Eden’s beauty on this gloomy monsoon evening, and they started chatting. Turns out, Eden has hopes and dreams of becoming a zoologist because she’s absolutely crazy about animals.


But here’s where it gets even more fascinating. After their session was done, as they were strolling back down the mountain, they stumbled upon a tortoise at the White Tanks. And guess what? This little fella was stranded on its back! Eden, being the animal lover she is, sprang into action. She grabbed a stick and gently flipped the tortoise back onto its belly. Can you believe it?


And, of course, Joceline couldn’t resist snapping a photo of Eden in her heroic moment, trying to save this tortoise in distress. It all happened so quickly, and the irony is just mind-blowing. Someone who’s determined to study and help animals one day ended up saving an animal during her very own senior photo session.


But here’s the cherry on top of this incredible story: I hardly EVER and I mean never have seen that tortoise in its cage despite all the times I have been there! I honestly think maybe it didn’t really exist. Well, destiny had other plans. It just so happened that the tortoise was right there, waiting for Eden to walk by and lend a helping hand. Fate, my friend, has a way of working its magic! 🐢✨

The Future Zoologist Saving the Tortoise Photos

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