I have to tell you, I love getting messages pop up on my phone like, “The Eagle has landed” or “She’s here!” I get so excited! So with Fresh 48 Sessions, I come to the place of your baby’s birth (whether that be a hospital, your birthing center, or your own home) within just a few hours of baby’s birth, usually the next morning after.

What are fresh 48 photos?

It’s a special session for families that want the first hours of their newborn baby’s arrival documented with details rather than having the entire labor and delivery photographed.

Why do I think these are so special?

I come and I capture raw and real moments telling your family’s story of a new addition. These are more intimate moments that capture real interactions with your new arrival. I document all the little details right after birth of their little fingers and toes, little wisp of hair, all which change so quickly. When your child grows a little, they will want to know their birth story and these will be the photos shared with them. These first moments after delivery can often be a blur when trying to look back on them or remember. So these type of sessions are perfect for holding onto those tiny toes or big yawns to keep and share for a lifetime.

These fresh 48 sessions aren’t like regular posed newborn sessions.

I don’t do nearly as much editing on these first moments, because we want to see and remember those first few hours of baby’s arrival and every detail. It’s also a plus that I can get them out very quickly for mom and dad, because you know everyone is dying to see that baby and mom and dad usually want to announce their arrival as well.

If you are interested in a Fresh 48 session, let's chat!