What to Look for in a Family Photographer

Hey there! So, let’s talk about what to look for in a family photographer. It’s a big decision, but don’t worry, I’ve got your back!  Ehhh, mmm… I am a family photographer if you need one (Hint hint!). In all seriousness though, Family photography goes beyond mere snapshots; it entails crafting enduring memories that will be treasured for generations.

So here we go! Here's some thoughts you should look for on your search for a family photographer.

1. Experience and Expertise

You want someone who knows their stuff, right? Look for a photographer who has experience in capturing those precious family moments. Take a peek at their portfolio to see if their style matches your vibe.


If you are a doing a search on Google, and you stumble onto a photographer’s page, but go to it and the only thing you see is Wedding Photography. Well, then they probably don’t have a clue in photographing and working with kids. I’m not saying that photographers can’t do more than one type of photography, because hey – I do!  Some photographers have a knack for certain types of family photography, like newborns or big family gatherings and some just don’t! Checking out a photographer’s skills and what they are pros at are most important.


2.The Importance of Being Meticulous

Meticulous – that seems like a fancy word! What I mean is paying attention to detail. As a photographer, that’s like the number one job in learning photography. Whether it comes to adjusting a person’s outfit or paying attention to what is in frame when it comes to background as well.  A skilled photographer possesses a keen eye for even the tiniest minute details. From lighting arrangements to composition techniques, they consider every aspect. Not only that, they go the extra mile by offering suggestions on poses, directing the subjects, backgrounds, and props that enhance the overall aesthetic of the portraits.


3. Communication and Connection

It’s important to find a photographer who can understand your vision and work with you. You want someone who’s open to your ideas and can give you guidance when needed. A truly skilled photographer will not only comprehend the dynamics within your family but also capture authentic moments that truly reflect your bond with one another. In doing that, it’s also important as a photographer to foster this connection, the photo session will inevitably become more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone involved. This will show in photos!


4. Professionalism and Reviews

Don’t just take their word for it! Check out reviews and ask friends or family for recommendations. Google makes this easy. While testimonials on a photographer’s website may be helpful, I definitely suggest going to Google and typing in a search of their business, as these are reviews left by clients themselves in their own words.


5. Editing Style and Delivery Time

How do you want your photos to look? When communicating with a photographer, it is important to truly go and see their work! Make sure their style matches your taste and that you’ll get the photos in a format you love. While clicking a button is just a very small piece of photography, the final product comes after a photographer puts the photos on the computer and enhances each photo with a style of artwork that is specific to their brand. A photographer’s editing style captures and captivates attention. Seek a style that perfectly aligns with your creative vision, ensuring a harmonious collaboration. It is also important to inquire about the estimated timeframe for the final photographs. A good professional photographer will not only deliver exceptional, exquisitely edited images, but will do so within a reasonable and acceptable time frame.


6. Working with Children

This was shortly talked about a little in point #1. When it comes to photographing with children, it is so very important to to seek a photographer who possesses exceptional patience and experience with kids. My best advice is to search for someone who can easily adapt to children’s varying moods and effectively capture their authentic personalities. Additionally, openly communicating any specific requirements or concerns you may have regarding your little ones is also suggested and welcomed by most family photographers.


7. Trust your Gut

When choosing a family photographer, trusting your gut is best. Trust that inner voice guiding you in making the right choice. If something feels strange or doesn’t connect with you, don’t hesitate to continue your search. Keep in mind that family photography is a unique and intimate experience, so it’s important to find the perfect fit.


By keeping these things in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect family photographer who will capture those special moments with style and flair. Happy hunting!

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