Wheat Fields - Buckeye, AZ

Edgley Family

As a family photographer, making connections with farm owners is a magical thing. I have found that the people of Arizona like to get their family portraits in different places and spaces. So for this family session, we went to the Wheat Fields of Buckeye, AZ and it did not disappoint.


Different seasons produce different crops for us in the farm lands of Arizona. Sometimes we get wheat, sunflowers, cotton, or broccoli fields. And it’s crazy fun to take advantage of different looks with the different seasons. So it’s something I always offer to my clients because usually these different types of crops are only around for a matter of weeks.


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I was so thrilled to have dad and mom all in during our photoshoot. Dad was just as excited and let’s be honest, sometimes, that doesn’t always happen. He is smart though, because he knows making and documenting these moments while their little one is so young is so very important.


We got a little bit of everything during our time together with family photos. We captured their little family, candid moments, mom with baby, dad with baby, baby himself, and even mom and dad together. It was so much fun with the golden beauty we had all around us.

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