White Tank Mountains, AZ

Desi + Jenson

I met Desi and Jenson at the White Tank Mountains in AZ. Desi and Jenson met online. It’s a very common thing today for sure. I get this a lot from the couples that I photograph in learning their story during our engagement photos. I always find it fascinating because we didn’t have much of an online dating way of life when I was dating 20 years ago. It’s amazing what can happen with technology! And there are so many dating apps out there. This was another success story for the dating app..


Jenson is a pilot and Desi is a teacher. They were so sweet with each other. I told them to dance in the road with the White Tank Mountains in the background and they did just that. They were two-stepping it for a full two rounds while I was on the road third-wheeling capturing some different angles for their engagement photos.


When we were driving to our engagement spot for photos, we had a bit of AZ monsoon weather at the White Tank Mountains. The couple had driven about an hour to get to our location. In fact, I was completely worried these couple’s photos weren’t going to happen. However, it seemed to stop just as I pulled into the White Tank Mountains. You can never go wrong with the Arizona White Tank Mountains as a place for photos. It’s always beautiful and well, we got some great sunset sky too. Glad it all work out!

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