White Tank Mountains, AZ

Mike + Jennifer

photo of elopement couple in arizona desert

I was contacted by the parents about photographing their daughter’s ceremony. It was technically an elopement but the parents were there. So this was no secret. Today, it may be even called a micro-wedding. Of course, they asked about recommending a nice desert AZ area and you just can go wrong inside the White Tanks.


We actually met up with the parents the Monday before and filmed some “toasts” for them to play as video in the limo. I hadn’t met the Bride and Groom at all before this. However, I learned that their daughter was a pro-golfer. Jennifer Johnson is LPGA. That was neat!

It was a wild evening. The monsoon storms came in, we had no sun at all. In fact, I was just PRAYING that I wasn’t going to have to be on a tripod with umbrellas covering my equipment. That’s never where a photographer wants to be limited to…a tripod.


Not to mention, because of the storms that came through – KNATS were everywhere. I mean everywhere. During the whole ceremony they were swarming our faces, the camera, and even the couple being wed. We honestly looked like we had fleas. It was crazy.


But once I got home to put these on the computer….It’s been such a sweet surprise, seeing so much goodness come from this seemingly small intimate event that took place. Look at that sky! It’s real, I didn’t put it in there. I am such a grateful lil butter bean to be a part of such an intimate moment such as this.

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