White Tank Mountains

James + Anastacia

I had so much fun with this couple at the White Tank Mountains, AZ. I had so many favorites that it’s just going to take a couple posts.


James and Anastacia were so natural behind the camera and I just gave them prompts to do and kept clicking away with my camera. I captured looks that I didn’t even need to try to get, because they were just that much into each other.


These two met in high school and have been together for ten years and are finally tying the knot out of the country. Before they do that, they hired me for their engagement photos. I was so honored and thrilled to photograph their love story.


They enjoy playing games together, hiking, and being adventurous outdoors. So this White Tank Mountains, AZ location was perfect for that. The golden sun did not disappoint and we photographed into sunset too, giving them a little bit of both golden hour photos and sunset photos.


During our time together, we do some dancing, flirting, me telling them to whisper things in each other’s ears. I love my job. I’m a creator of moments freezing time for the photos. I hope they look back at this ten years down the road, maybe after starting a family together, and it just gives them those great feelings of how their love story started.

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