White Tank Mountains


The wildflowers were blooming at this time in March at the White Tank Mountains in the Arizona desert.


Have I mentioned how much I love senior photos? Like seriously, it’s so fun getting to know these seniors during our time together and seeing them come out of their shell.


When I first met Paige, she seemed a little shy, but within the next thirty minutes, she said, “This is kind of fun.” And she was a natural. That’s what happens sometimes during our time together. I love to get these teens or young adults out of their shell. I’ve learned all kinds of tricks. The major key is to just talk to them, learn about them, find connection, and just taking an interest. That simply all there is to it when making one feel comfortable. Put them behind the camera, and then they feel comfortable and special. And that’s the goal during these type of photo sessions. There are some senior portrait sessions that I even play music, so it’s not so awkward for them as I am behind the lens.


On this day…it was windy and it was golden. We just rolled with wind because why not? A little hair blowing can give us just the right look sometimes. And that golden hour was to die for!


Do you like that golden hour look? I can never decide if I like sunset more or golden hour. Most people do love to be sun kissed and that’s what I do think about with golden hour…being kissed by the sun. Be sure to check out when the best time of day for photos are at the link below.

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