Why Print From My Lab?

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When you purchase a photography session from me, I deliver your images in a gallery. You get to download those digital images, but you also have the option to purchase prints. Why Print From My Lab? Why should you though?


Haven’t you already invested in your session with me? You are already invested, so follow it through with making an investment in the quality of what you put on your wall.


Many people don’t see this or it goes unnoticed, or maybe they think I am over priced. Who knows? But I’ve got an exact screen shot of my gallery above. You are reading that right…portraits starting at $3.99. In fact, I will tell you straight up, you can get an 8×10 high quality portrait for $9.99. It’s natural as human beings to want to get the “best bang for our buck”. It’s why I try to stay pretty reasonable with my portrait print prices. You have already invested in your session, so why would you compromise getting your family heirlooms printed at a big box store that has such bad quality?


Places like Walgreens, CVS, Costco, Target, or Walmart give less detail in your photos printed with them, change the coloring due to no quality control, and I shouldn’t even talk about the paper that they use.


I notice this even as a photographer when my clients send me holiday cards, I can tell immediately if they have been printed from a big box store because I kind of do a little “screech” at how the image looks. However, I do love still getting the holiday cards from my clients. So don’t stop sending them when you read this. This isn’t to guilt trip you, it’s more to educate you. Your portraits that we have spent the time in capturing is also my work so I will admit, sometimes it’s heart breaking when I don’t see them on display well. It is the same for me when someone posts one of my photos on social media and they don’t have their Facebook settings right and it’s not high resolution. But that’s another topic.


Just to give you an actual test, I want to redirect you to this website as I thought the article was well written. Take a look for yourself!


I challenge you to always go pro lab. Once you do, you may not go back. I print my own family photos from my lab. I can’t help it, I’m scared of what I will get if I don’t. I’ve never had a complaint about the quality from my lab, so it’s why I continue to trust them.