Wrigley Mansion - Phoenix, AZ

Randy + Shelly

Bride and Groom outside the Wrigley Mansion for wedding photos in Phoenix

Randy and Shelly met at work in 2008. And they started dating in 2009 and got engaged in 2011. SO FINALLY, in 2023, they tied the knot. I am so glad we got to be a part of capturing their wedding day at the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix, AZ.

The Bride and Groom

Randy and Shelly actually live in Illinois, but came here to get married as most of their family lives in Arizona.


Getting to know the bride and groom in our short time together was great. Randy and I already had a lot in common because we both love wine and the Ted Lasso show. In fact, many times Randy had a wine glass in his hands and I would have to hold it while my associate Joceline, would be snapping a photo sometimes. I also learned that when Shelly was younger, she actually did a lot of soccer playing, so she adores the Ted Lasso show as well, because it’s about Britain’s sport of football (which in America is soccer). We had long conversations about that tv show.  And many times while taking photos, Randy was quoting a Ted Lasso quote.

The Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix was so gorgeous and such a fun place to be as a wedding photographer, because it had so many places and spaces that we could have photographed. So I definitely had fun in the short time we had exploring a mansion. The mansion made even detail photos look phenomenal. Shelly’s favorite part of her whole outfit was her shoes, so we made sure to get those throughout the whole wedding.

When it came time for the First Look before the wedding ceremony, Shelly was running just a bit behind. And Randy made me chuckle a bit, because he talked about how he has already waited 14 years for Shelly to finally marry him. And how he used to be on time to everything, but since meeting her, he is always waiting on Shelly. We got some good touching moments of them during their first look outside.

The ceremony was small and intimate, in fact, not very much room to move around. But it was perfect. They were surrounded by really most of their family. It was so special. From the ceremony and the cake cutting. We were so glad to be there for it.

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