Capturing those Wedding Details

Capturing those Wedding Details

Capturing those Wedding Details are so important the day of the wedding. In fact, if you hire me as a photographer, that’s why I need to able to arrive a few hours ahead of time, because I also don’t want to miss those details that you planned for your big wedding day.


I always tell the Bride (or Groom) to have a designated person that will have me some personal items for when I arrive to capture those special details.


Here are some examples of things to gather to help me capture those details:


1. Invitation Suite – sometimes couples forget to even bring an invitation to weddings for this photo, but if you do remember (which is why I am putting it in this post), this would be a great detail shot.

2. Accessories – You spend time handpicking your wedding day accessories. You are making sure they’re special. So as your photographer, I want to capture that. Also if you are doing that tradition of wearing something old, new, borrowed, and blue – have all that out for me to capture it all together! I definitely want the rings to photograph as well. That’s a big detail I need to get! Shoes can be included in this!

3. The Veil and the Dress – I usually want to show up and the Bride to not have that dress on yet. I want to get capture your dress and details before you have it on. Sometimes I also include the bridesmaid dresses as well. So have those on a nice hanger for me to choose a location to take them and photograph.

4. Groomsmen jackets – Just as above, the bride isn’t the only important one here. I like to photograph the groomsmen’s jackets as well.

5. Flowers and boutonnières – Sometimes I will capture these separate from the bride or groom, or sometimes I will grab them in “getting ready” photos or pre-ceremony. Either way, these are important to have in each of your “getting ready” areas. Be sure not to leave them at where the ceremony is taking place.


These are all examples of pre-wedding details that I will be capturing. Of course, I’ll be getting other details such as the bride’s hair, or the groom right before the wedding as well. The wedding day is filled with a lot to do, and it’s also why it’s important delegate to someone to have these things available for me to capture. I’ll also be capturing details during the wedding and at the reception. You worked hard to plan your special day, so it’s important that I get those details for you to look back on.

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You're getting married!!! It's could possibly be the most important day of your life!

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