Gilbert In-Home Newborn Photos

Bostick Family

I connected with this new mom and dad from Gilbert through Google for an in-home newborn photo session. The excitement of entering a client’s home is not knowing what to expect. As I stepped into their home, I took a moment to assess the space, looking for the best light. Admittedly, this home was a bit darker than my usual preference, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.


Experimenting with shadows and light is a highlight for me during lifestyle in-home sessions. The slightly dimly lit room perfectly complemented the family’s vibe, giving the photos a simple retro look. The mom had a special request to include her baby blanket, and the dad decided to add a stuffed animal from his childhood. I improvised a cute setup focusing on just the baby, incorporating the blanket and bear. While newborn lifestyle sessions center around the connection with the baby, I also like to capture a few shots of the baby on their own, and these additions added the perfect touch to the photos.


Interestingly, we had initially planned the in-home session the day before, but the rain and dark weather prompted a reschedule. I offered to use flash if needed, but we decided to wait for better natural light. In the end, it turned out to be a wise decision, considering the slightly darker ambiance of the home. Overall, this session has become another one of my favorite newborn shoots.

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