Grey Hen Bar - Phoenix, AZ

Rob + Jessica

Along with traveling, Rob and Jessica like to drink together, whether it’s wine tasting or concocting cocktails, it’s something they enjoy and take pleasure in. We decided literally the evening before that Rob and Jessica wanted to do something different. They wanted something more formal but true to what they like to do together for their engagement photos. So they called up the Grey Hen Bar at Century Grand in Phoenix, AZ and got permission to let me come and photograph at this unique spot.


Photographing at different places is always an adrenaline rush for me and ESPECIALLY when I don’t know what I am getting myself into. So let me just tell ya how it was. This bar was dark. It was SO dark! The bar area itself was a pretty tiny space too. With us planning the day before to be there, I couldn’t rent a wider lens (which I probably would have done). And I had only had less than half an hour to use my flash as to not disturb customers. So it was a challenge for sure, but when a photographer pulls up the images on the computer, even in challenging situations – sometimes you just say, “Yeah, it was worth it.”


Rob and Jessica will be creating an engagement website with these photos and I can’t wait to see it! Then I will be photographing their wedding photos in October. I can’t wait to enjoy and celebrate their big day with them.


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