Heritage Square Park - Phoenix, AZ


Heritage Square Park in Downtown Phoenix, AZ is like this little piece of treasure that if you don’t look hard enough, you may never known it existed.


I’ve been photographing Olivia’s family for a while now. So I actually have a little back story to this young lady. My youngest daughter and her have grown up in the theater community in Phoenix. They performed quite a bit together at Valley Youth Theater, which is downtown Phoenix. In fact, one year it came down to her and my own daughter for young Fiona in the production of Shrek. I won’t forget that audition because it was tense as they kept calling her and my youngest daughter back in the doors. They were pretty young then, but they both had some strong vocals for that role back then.


In 2020, when the world shut down, my husband, owner of Two Second Media (WTSMTV), and I knew our theater community was struggling since they had to shut their doors. So we jumped in and put on a live stream fundraising telethon for Valley Youth Theater in Phoenix. This included me getting to have a 20 minute video conversation with the actress, Emma Stone (Emily Stone), who is alumni of Valley Youth Theater. That evening the Oscar winning actress donated something like $24,000 to the theater. We had considered the theater community family, but it became SO much more of family during that time. Olivia’s dad, Mark Fearey, is one of the music director’s of Valley Youth Theater and was very much involved too. So ever since 2020, I’ve been photographing this family since.


To see Olivia grow up over the years has been an explainable joy. Her personalities and even outfits have changed over the year. However, being an actress herself, her expressions definitely come easy in our times together.


For this year (the third year of photographing Olivia), I actually had to let Joceline capture her. She did fantastic and the Fearey’s said, “Joceline was great and easy to work with.” Of course she is! That’s why she is one of my main photographers.

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