How much Time do You Need for Your Family Photos

How Much Time do Your Need for Your Family Photos?

Hey friends, let’s dive into figuring out the perfect duration for your family portrait session. It’s like this personalized puzzle where we consider what suits you best. So, in my lineup, we’ve got the essential session, the luxe session, and the multi-family option. Let’s break down what each of those are!

Jumping to the options...

1. Family Essentials

The essentials sessions sounds just like what it is…the essentials! The essential session is like a quick burst of fun, especially great for those little ones with not-so-endless attention spans. If you’re just after some snappy captures of this chapter in your life, this could be the way to roll.


2. Family Luxe

Now, if you’re up for the full experience – strolling around, catching those playful moments, regardless of your kids’ ages – the Luxe package might be calling your name. Individual family focus, diving deep into sibling dynamics, and snagging those individual portraits – it’s all about capturing the essence of your unique crew. This is also the package recommended for 7 people or more specifically as well. So yes large groups…but keep reading!


3. Multi-Family

The beauty of the multi-family package lies in its versatility. We’re not just checking off the box with a group photo. Oh no! We’re creating a narrative, capturing the essence of cousins bonding, the unique dynamic between siblings, and the heartwarming moments of grandparents with their grandchildren. It’s about telling the story of each family within the larger family unit. And here’s the real gem – each individual family gets their own dedicated time in the spotlight.

Take a look at a multi-family session (Click Here)


Choosing your family package is like picking the right lens for that perfect shot. The session duration? It’s like fine-tuning the focus to make sure we freeze every aspect, emotion, and connection. Whether it’s a quick essential session or a more extended hangout, the mission remains the same: freeze time and tell your one-of-a-kind story.

What's included with these packages?