Japanese Friendship Garden - Phoenix, AZ

Angel + Sierra

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I love the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix, AZ. It’s such a beautiful place for a wedding. With all the green there, you wouldn’t believe we lived in the Phoenix, Arizona desert.

I even learned that the garden offers a bridal tea room where they can hide away before the wedding. I don’t have any photos of it on this one as the bride didn’t go that route, but this is great venue for any wedding day.

This wedding was something.

I hope this couple looks back on their wedding day and smiles a little.
I was hired solo to photograph on this one as it was supposed to be a pretty simple weekday wedding day. The wedding ended up starting almost 2 hours after it was supposed to. The groom got lost and then he got a flat tire. I have to say, the Bride was so calm through the whole thing though. She showed such strength and I have a feeling she gets that from her mama. We all had patience and in the end, the two were finally married. Sometimes, these unexpected things just happen, but after looking at these wedding photos at the garden, I hope that this couple does remember how beautiful the day actually was.

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