Lake Pleasant - AZ

Ryan + Kendra

Lake Pleasant Regional Park in AZ is becoming a very popular photography location for Memories by Candace. Water in the desert in Arizona is sometimes hard to come by and this gorgeous locations give us a lot of desirable looks.


Also what better place to photograph, especially with Arizona heat, than by water. I actually suggest Lake Pleasant Regional Park a lot during the summer whether it’s for engagement photos or even maternity photos, this AZ location just has the views. While I don’t like to do sessions on weekends because it is usually pretty crowded with swimmers and lake go-ers, I’ll definitely take as many as I can through the week.


You bet that I will most definitely suggest you to get in the water. Don’t worry – I won’t force you if you don’t want to. However, most people trust and know – it looks fantastic when you are in. If you aren’t really feeling the “in-the-water” vibe, then even walking barefoot right near the water always looks good too.


Kendra and Ryan actually met on the dating app called Bumble. I had never even actually heard of Bumble until them. Together they are so sweet together. I feel like Kendra actually glows and laughs so much when she is with him. And he is just the absolutely sweetest person as well.


I actually met Kendra because she is a teacher and theater director at a local high school. As a photographer, it’s so important sometimes to get out in the community and use your talents for good, without putting a large price on it. At least I feel it’s important. I feel like giving back is something everyone should do. So I met her because I photographed some of the local high school’s theater productions. I’ve done theater photography a lot. It’s fun and who doesn’t love seeing a performance behind the camera.


A few months later after photographing my first one at the high school, she reached out when she got engaged. I felt so honored.


You can also take a look at their updated wedding story.

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