Papago Park - Phoenix, AZ

The absolute best part about photographing in the Arizona summer heat is how no one is out and about because they are staying inside. Normally, with Papago Park in Phoenix, AZ, I limit when and what days I will photograph at this location. In fact, when booking with Memories by Candace, I have a photography location link and it specifically says for this location, “Not available during weekends, except for June – August.” This location is usually that busy with crowds and tourists and you are battling people to get good views and perfect light.


However, this beginning of July summer day, it felt like the whole world shut down for us. Because we were the only ones at this location and it was so peaceful and so perfect. We had a short and sweet session together, but our time was just enough. It made the heat bearable and we got the perfect spots down by the water, which is what this mom to be wanted.


If you haven’t been to Papago Park, it has a hole in the rock, to where you can hike and see the city skyline. But it’s also pretty cool because this water hole is a perfect picnic spot in the desert surrounded by our Arizona desert beauty and palm trees. It was one of the first places we visited when we moved here to Arizona.

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