Preparing for your maternity photos

Preparing for your Maternity Session

Oh, the joys of feeling a little one in your tummy! Maternity photos are a great memory to look back on. Sometimes it’s a last glimpse of life before a child and it’s the time of new beginnings, where everything is about to change. At such an uncomfortable time of your pregnancy, I’m here to make sure you feel comfortable, help you in, preparing for your Maternity Session, and look great so you can have something proud to hang up in that baby’s room or pass down showing what mommy looks like when “you were in her belly”.


I absolutely love maternity photos! I wanted to throw out some suggestions for your maternity session.


First things first, I definitely recommend the father be there. We will get some great shots with the father and then some single shots to showcase you and that belly.


I recommend we capture your maternity portraits between 30-34 weeks. If you wait much later than that, you could go into labor early and we miss capturing that special time during your pregnancy.


When it comes to what to wear, you definitely want a maternity gown. Most of my clients have told me they even get them for a pretty good deal off of Amazon! I get so amazed by that, because they show up beautiful.



Your hands will be in the photos hugging on that belly. So if you are self conscious about having your nails painted, you will want to do that.




Here are a few other items I suggest:


Ultrasound pictures


Stuffed animal that may be significant from a baby shower or baby room theme

A pink or blue bow to tie around the tummy

Letters that spell out future baby’s name


With these things, we are sure to make some wonderful, beautiful portraits!

When you do get on my calendar, I send you a maternity guide that includes some tips for your maternity session.

You're expecting! How exciting!

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