Red Agave Resort - Sedona, AZ

Gabe + Brittney

Choosing Sedona as your wedding location is always a winner with those stunning Red Rocks providing the perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful photos! We were thrilled to be at Red Agave Resort for this couple’s wedding.


Now, let me spill a little story for you about Brittney and Gabe. Picture this: they crossed paths at a wedding, and it’s quite the cute tale. Brittney accidentally spilled Gabe’s drink, and to smooth things over (while giving her a bit of a hard time), Gabe quirkily declared, “I’ll meet you on the dance floor!” Lo and behold, that’s where their love story kicked off – a dance floor rendezvous. What makes it even more adorable is that the groom at the wedding they met attended, performed as the officiant for their own nuptials as well! He proudly stood at the ceremony, marrying them, and cheekily remarked, “If it weren’t for me, these two wouldn’t be together!” Talk about a full-circle love story!

In the eleventh hour, we got the scoop that the couple had a change of heart and wanted to have a first touch. Despite skipping the first look, I believe it’s a brilliant way to share intimate moments without breaking the tradition of that initial glance. Plus, it opens the door for exchanging those heartfelt private vows. I absolutely cherished the moments we captured during this spontaneous decision.

Brittney and Gabe share a common bond in their nursing professions – a connection that likely sparked when they first met. Their routine involves long walks filled with laughter, shared opinions, and the simple joy of each other’s company. Interestingly, despite being a bit reserved in public, they truly come alive in front of friends and family, showcasing a different side of themselves, especially when the dance floor calls.


The reception was undeniably a highlight of their wedding day. Breaking out of their shells, Brittney and Gabe transformed into a more vibrant and lively version of themselves on the dance floor. And here’s the kicker – it’s not just my perspective as a photographer! I had a chat with the groom’s family, and even they acknowledged Brittney’s usual quiet demeanor. Yet, come reception time, it was a whole different story. Sharing a few more snapshots from their special day below at Red Agave Resort. Grateful to have been in Sedona, capturing the magic of their wedding!

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