Salt River - Mesa, AZ

Tim + Patty

The Salt River was the perfect place for this amazing couple, Tim and Patty, they’re like the outdoorsy dream team! They thrive in the woods, adore camping, and have this sweet tradition of heading up north for quality family time. Tim’s roots trace back to Cresent, Iowa, while Patty brings the vibrant spirit of Chihuahua, Mexico.


Now, their love story has this cool twist – they met at work after toiling away at the same company for a whopping 18 years without crossing paths. Fate finally intervened, and their first date? A casual and fun night at Buffalo Wild Wings. Classic, right?


Fast forward through four years of knowing each other, three years of dating bliss, and voila – they’re engaged! Now Patty loved it all when it came to her engagement photos. She wanted mountains, water, green, and cactus. And well, the Salt River was a pretty perfect place where we could get all of that, especially in the Spring time in March! Green is perfect at that time there. It’s like their love story is a perfect blend of adventure, work, and the magic that happens when two souls finally find each other. Cheers to Tim and Patty, the dynamic duo who turned workplace colleagues into lifelong partners!

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