what to wear for photo shoots

What to Wear?

Are you contemplating on What to Wear during your photo session? Photo sessions are an event! You get invited to weddings and parties and dress the part because it’s a nice event. So your photo session should be looked at in the same regard. Gone are the days of matching each other with clothing when it comes to what to wear, now it’s more about complimenting each other, and having fun with that!

If you are simple when it comes to style, I totally get that and you can still look and feel comfortable while rocking that flattering maxi dress or striped button up. If you want something classy and formal, let’s roll with that and definitely accessorize to look that part. Maybe you are a little on the vintage side, then great! Get everyone in the family on that bandwagon and let’s make an entire ensemble next-level retro. It’s all about having fun with the outfits.

So here are my suggestions for your next photography session.

  • Avoid sleeveless. There are many times that showing your arms can be distracting and sometimes not flattering, even making ones arms look longer. So longer sleeves tend to look best. There are times though that this can’t always be avoided if you have that perfect prom dress or sundress that you must photograph.
  • Avoid solid white as the main color or solid neon colors altogether. I have had many family photos that everyone wants to wear white. It happens and it’s simple. So I get it, especially when you are just trying to find something for everyone to wear that’s simple. However, sometimes if you are wearing an all white shirt then it is very easy to blow out parts of your shirt causing it to lose its detail. This can also happen on neon colors or really bright colors. Plus, bright colors make you appear larger. Darker colors are slimmer.
  • Do wear complimentary color tones, mix and match patterns with solids. Too many patterns can be overwhelming, but it will look great if you mix and match patterns with solids. Think 1 pattern for every 2 solids.
  • Avoid characters. We all love Toy Story, Minnie Mouse, etc. but leaving them off our clothing for pictures is best. And NO logos!
  • Choose MORE than one color for you session. Choose colors with similar tones that go nicely together and have everyone work within that color pallet. One example may be your dark jewel tone colors such as hunter green, navy, or burgundy; or pick lighter, softer tones like  tan, a lighter olive green, and denims.
  • Don’t forget the accessories! Little pearl necklaces for little girls or suspenders for little guys can really add a lot. I love to pose even more with these things! I love getting little man pulling on his suspenders, or a hand up to his hat, or peeking at me through his sunglasses.  With a couple, those accessories can be a lady pulling on her guy’s tie for a fun portrait. Accessories can not only add to your outfit, but we can really have some fun with those in the photos.

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The rest is easy and up to me!

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