White Tank Mountains

This family is adding another girl to their family. And she has the eyes like her big sisters have, goodness, she is going to be beautiful. You can never go wrong with maternity photos out in the desert at the White Tank Mountains in AZ.


I loved the simplicity of mom’s dress. It was different. Sometimes less is more. Whenever someone reaches out to me about to what to wear for their maternity photos, and they really don’t want to wear the nice long gowns, I encourage them to own what they are wearing. Be comfortable and be you. If you aren’t comfortable, it will show in the photos. This may also be a reason I don’t offer a client closet. Every client is unique and it’s there story. So I have had maternity sessions with mom’s wearing jeans and a sports bra, to simple dresses, and gowns. And I love them all because it’s making their story and who they are. Their unborn child will want to look back on these seeing the beauty of who their mom was when carrying them and it won’t be because of what they are wearing. It will be about the miracle of the gestation process. So put that together with a beautiful AZ location, like the White Tank Mountains, you are sure to get the look you want for maternity portraits.


I’m so excited. Not only did I get to photograph this family’s maternity photos, but also I get to meet their baby, photograph their sitter session, and their one year photos. How do I already know? Because they purchased the Grow with Me package that I have. I absolutely love being your family photographer through all your milestones in life.


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