White Tank Mountains - AZ

Sharp Family

Oh, how cool is this – getting to share in Amber’s joy with her husband as they mark one fantastic year of being a blended family at the White Tanks! It’s like capturing a chapter of love and togetherness, isn’t it? Joceline did a stellar job in seizing the celebrations, weaving them into the visual tapestry of this unique family journey.


And here’s the plot twist – I had this awesome connection with Amber already from snapping her sister’s maternity and newborn photos! I got to hug her neck in the desert that evening, because Joceline and I were photographing at the White Tanks at the same time. Plus, I’ve photographed the kids of this blended family before with their mom’s side, too! I LOVE when you share Memories by Candace with the whole fam! It’s so breathtaking to see the different dynamics of each family. And each family being so beautiful lovely and unique!


The fact that Amber wanted a slightly “darker” vibe for her photos is so intriguing. It’s like customizing a cinematic experience just for her. And kudos to Joceline for embracing the challenge and nailing the darker aesthetic – it turned out to be the perfect visual narrative for Amber’s blended family celebration. And I absolute LOVE that they popped the champagne at the end of their time together! Celebrations for the New Year too, especially as they were celebrating one year and it was New Years Eve!

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