Getting your Newborn's First Photos

Getting your Newborn's First Photos

Ahhh! The joy of baby’s first pictures or first family pictures. Getting your Newborn’s First Photos can be a really great experience, or it can be very stressful.


While you may have had more than one baby, I photograph newborns many times in a month alone.


This doesn’t mean to come across as bragging, but in my time of doing this, I have found what works and doesn’t work with most babies and it’s why you will see those peaceful looking newborn photos on my website and even social media pages.


The biggest thing I do want to stress is not to wait to get on my calendar. When you know you are having a baby, book that due date. That way you aren’t missing out when my month has already been filled. Once you book your due date, you are on my calendar which means I will fit you in as soon as you let me know the baby has arrived. I only take so many newborn sessions a month for that reason alone.


It truly breaks my heart when a mom has just had baby and little one is already 2 weeks and I just can’t fit them in. So with that being said, if you are waiting, I’m going to tell you – don’t wait! Timing is key for a lot of newborns.


It is best to get newborn photos within the first 2 weeks of birth.


While being a mom myself, I know it is hard to want to get out and take pictures with the baby in just the first 2 weeks. I sympathize with the new mom still getting adjusted. As photographers, we like those peaceful portraits of new baby, and this is the time they sleep most and it does make the best “Pinterest worthy” portraits. This is also why most of my newborn sessions, I come to you.

newborn guide, newborn, photos, photographer, az, arizona, phoenixWhen you do get on my calendar, I send you a newborn guide that includes some very important tips for your newborn session to ensure we get those peaceful looking photos and ultimately more photos for you during our time together.

So what are you waiting for?

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