Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location

We have so many fun, beautiful, and interesting places in Arizona. It’s hard to pick from all of them at times. It’s even hard for me to show them all on my website! Location, Location, Location can be everything though.


Usually one of the first things I ask my clients, especially living in this area, is do you want green or desert? However, that’s not the only thing to consider.


You really have to think about the look that you want or maybe what may go well on the walls in your home or even a personality you want to shine through. Maybe you have a place that is very significant to you.


In this photo above, Dad proposed to mom at this location. And 15 years ago, they were married at this same spot!!! When they reached out to me wanting to bring the kids to this very special space and do family photos – I was THRILLED to do them!


Maybe you like a more vintage look. That could be older buildings like an old church.


Maybe you really enjoy music and you have a senior wanting to pull out their guitar or skateboard. So, you might be going for the urban or rustic look like downtown.


Think about what outfits you may plan out for your session. Are they more casual or more formal? That can also help with location choice.


Explore my work. Are there images there you really like?


As a photographer, I’m always willing to help with location suggestions. Most of the time, I know when the best time of day is to shoot at these locations that are popular. However, I’m always up for new challenges and spaces as well. In fact, I thrive MORE when I am at a different location. You will be surprised to see my creativity really come through.


Once you book with me, if you don’t have your location preference decided on, I do have a link that I give my clients so they can look at all the different areas I shoot in and see if there is one they like or prefer.


And do I go anywhere? Absolutely! I will photograph anywhere! Outside of the Phoenix area, travel fees may apply, as I block off a good time of my day to travel at times. But it’s worth it! Oh boy is it worth it!


So let’s recap:

  • Do you help us with that? The answer is YES! Once you are on my calendar and officially booked, I send you a link to places and spaces that I have photographed. If one jumps out at you, I have you let me know and we try our best to accommodate that and make it happen! During busy season, there is a lot of driving, so my essential sessions do have to be more flexible based on where we are with the date and time set for booking. But this is why I have now hired a team! So that we can make all this happen how you want it and to serve you more!!
  • Do you travel anywhere? Yes I do! As long as sessions are booked within the Phoenix area, there are no travel fees. However, other places may involve a travel fee. Just to give you example, this beautiful gorgeous location above was a $100 travel fee. Yes, it took gas, but I also blocked off my calendar for other sessions. So essentially I was forgoing time I could have been making money, but it was totally worth it. The photos we got are incredible!!
  • Do you love to travel? You betcha! In fact, I’m willing to work as hard as I can to make it reasonable on people who want me to travel, because I just LOVE it that MUCH! You have no idea how much I thrive with capturing people at different locations! And I leave feeling like I just lived a dream! This is a big goal of mine! And I wouldn’t be able to do it if it weren’t for having a team behind me to take local sessions for when I am traveling!

So what are you waiting for! Let's hit the road!

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